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The concept of so-called desk sharing is becoming increasingly popular. With the help of specialised software, individual table planning is super easy. This way, the organisation and coordination of desks can be managed from anywhere with just a few clicks.

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Flex Desk makes it possible – the concept of so-called desk sharing is becoming increasingly popular. Office managers are often tasked with developing a detailed plan for integrating this innovative concept. As if you didn’t have enough to do already. With the help of specialised software, however, individual desk planning becomes very easy – so the organisation and coordination of desks can be managed from anywhere with just a few clicks. And by the users themselves.

In a previous article, we have already presented the models of hot desking and desk sharing, with all the advantages and differences between the two concepts.

Here we go into more detail about what should be considered when desk sharing, give tips on how it works best, and introduce you to an efficient space booking tool.

1. Clean Desk

A strict clean desk policy should be adhered to to ensure that desk sharing can be successfully integrated and does not lead to permanent frustration among employees. This simply means that the desk is left as you find it.

Use it, clean it, repeat it.

A clean desk not only improves concentration but also makes the concept of changing workplaces every day possible in the first place.

However, it is important that the company offers on-site storage facilities for private things. Which brings us to tip no. 2 for successful desk sharing:

2. space for private things

Of course, every employee should have space for things like folders, documents and little snacks. Lockers, where employees can store their personal materials and valuables, help to facilitate the clean desk policy without daily trudging.

3. Recreation room

A desk-sharing workplace should definitely offer enough places for joint coffee or lunch breaks. This avoids eating at the workplace and getting crumbs all over the shared tables (and keyboards!). In addition, the concentration at the workplace is increased: when private conversations are held in the break room and at the same time fewer personal items on the table serve as distractions, we recognise the workplace as a “concentration space”. Just as students see the library as a “study space” so as not to be distracted by the laundry or the flatmate at home, the clean workplace is also subconsciously perceived as a pure work environment.

4. the right equipment

Stable and consistent equipment is essential for desk sharing. Employees must be able to access all essential data, documents, etc. via any computer, regardless of where they are sitting. Cloud-based storage such as google drive or an internal server makes it possible: colleagues can store their files centrally and access them from different computers. They can also work on the same document at the same time, even if they are not in the same room.

Office supplies such as folders, hole punches, staplers, pens and paper should also be made available for all to easily reach in one or more central locations.

Alternatively, depending on need (or if the work requires it), any desk can be equipped with the same essential office items.

5. Flex Desk

With a digital flex desk tool, it is possible to coordinate desks and workplaces easily and autonomously. Employees can independently find and book the perfect workplace for them, based on their preferences. They can filter by seat equipment, environment or seat neighbours – for example, if they are working on a project together with a colleague. If you find it difficult to concentrate on a particular day, you can consciously look for a place with more peace and quiet. If you need a phone or a camera, simply choose a table that has the necessary equipment. An integrated calendar enables efficient planning and allows certain tables to be booked weeks in advance.

Most Flex Desk tools also have a map view that provides an overview of the available desks.

Shiawa has also integrated a flex desk tool in its latest version and, in addition to many other tools that facilitate office management, offers the possibility of coordinating workplaces in an uncomplicated way and getting the most out of room capacity. Try it out!

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