Flex Desk

Efficient hybrid working.

(Desk) sharing is caring.

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Why Flex Desk?

Chaos in desk organization,
marketing colleague sitting across
the hall? Book desks efficiently and intelligently
with Shiawa.

Interactive floorplan

Use the interactive floorplan to
choose your favorite space.
Whether you need silence, a second
monitor or your favorite colleague
by your side.

Two clicks -
and you've got your booking!

Book your favorite workstation
quickly and easily while seeing
who else is in the office.

Invite colleagues

You want to work together
with your team? Don’t just plan
your workspace but let your
colleagues know when you’ll be
working and where.

The main functions at a glance

Mobile & desktop

Interactive floorplan

Customizable characteristics

Favorite spots

Simple setup

Send team invites

Any questions?

Talk to us!