Flex Desk

Efficient hybrid working.

For businesses that provide a modern flexible workplace, that want to increase employee satisfaction and want to reduce costs at the same time. (Desk) sharing is caring.

Why Flex Desk?

Hybrid working has become the norm. SHIAWA Flexdesk provides straightforward and intelligent desk organization that promotes efficient collaboration, ensures flexibility and is proven to help cut office costs in half.

Interactive floorplan

Thanks to the interactive floor plan employees can book the desk they want with just two clicks.
No matter if they need a quiet space, a second
monitor or if they want to sit next to their favourite colleage

Book with just two clicks

The intuitive interface allows to book within a few seconds. From your mobile phone or your laptop!

Invite colleagues

With SHIAWA you can invite your colleagues for collaborative work to the office and reserve their desks. Seamlessly without leaving the application.

The main functions at a glance

Mobile & desktop

Interactive floorplan

Customizable characteristics

Favorite spots

Simple setup

Send team invites

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