SHIAWA. The intelligent solution for office managers & administrators in medium-sized companies who want to organize more efficiently, digitize processes and save up to 32% in costs.

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Your whole office
management in one app.

Single Sign-On

Easy setup


Browser based

Work Happy! Whether at home or at the office.

Employees spend an average of 73 minutes a day planning and organizing their work. While these tasks are necessary for your overall success, they distract from the tasks that actually add value. And they’re rarely fun.

SHIAWA can reduce this effort by 80%.

This leaves more time for real work.
Or for real breaks.

Fits all sizes

Thanks to the underlying modular principle, SHIAWA fits offices of any size and industry. Get exactly what you need and add new features as you expand.

Without compatibility issues.

Without unfamiliar interfaces.

Without password chaos.


SHIAWA offers an intuitive user interface that enables users to get started without a long familiarization period.

Our professional video tutorials guide you through the setup step by step. As a result, SHIAWA becomes perfectly aligned with your business.

You don’t need any additional software to use SHIAWA, just a web browser and internet access!

SHIAWA is hosted entirely on German servers. This allows us to guarantee the highest data protection standards.

From design to system, SHIAWA can be customized to meet your company’s exact needs.

SHIAWA’s prices are calculated exclusively based on the number of active users and the selected contract. There are no extra costs.



Make your office a home.