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The all-in-one solution

Shiawa is an allround management platform for the optimal administration of your organization. Join us to optimise the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Some of our features

Everything you need. From one hand!


Distribute tasks perfectly


Organise effortlessly


Stay up-to-date


Shiawa offers an intuitive user interface that makes it possible to get started easily, without a long familiarisation period.

Our professional video tutorials guide you through the setup step by step. This way, Shiawa adapts perfectly to your company.

You don’t need any additional software to use Shiawa, just a web browser and internet access!

Shiawa is exclusively hosted on German servers. We can therefore guarantee the highest data protection standards.

From design to system, Shiawa can be customized to meet your company’s individual needs.

Shiawa’s prices are calculated exclusively on the number of active users and the selected contract. There are no extra costs.

Shiawa is an all-in-one solution that allows you to centrally manage your daily office tasks. Leaving you more time for the important tasks.


Everything as usual – but better! We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, we want to create the perfect interface for all your needs. Simply connect Shiawa to your favourite tools and do everything from one place!

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