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Contract & Payment

Shiawa is basically suitable for companies of any size. The software is most beneficial for smaller to mid-sized companies, or those that have multiple locations. Shiawa is also a powerful tool for companies that offer hybrid working (“new work”).

The use of the free version includes a few restrictions. Shiawa is based on a monthly usage fee, which depends on the number of active users.

The free version can be used for 14 days. If you decide to use Shiawa beyond the trial period, it depends on the contract you choose: You have the choice between the monthly cancelable version and an annual contract commitment. With the last option, you can cancel the contract three months before the end of the subscription period. Otherwise, the contract is extended by the previously defined term.

You can upgrade your contract type at any time or downgrade after the expiration of the existing contract (please note the lead time of 3 months).

No, since your fee is calculated monthly according to the number of active users, you only pay for the current users of Shiawa. If an employee is absent for a certain period of time (parental leave, vacation, etc…), you can deactivate his profile for the corresponding time and don’t have to pay anything for this employee during this period. The profile data of the former/paused users will remain.

No, you only pay the sum of the fees per active user. This depends on your contract period. You may add or deactivate users at any time.

Service & Support

Questions about contract and processing are answered on this page. If you don’t find an answer to your question or need further help, you can always use the form at the bottom of this page to contact our support.


The setup itself is very quick and easy. However, it strongly depends on the size of the company how long it takes to enter the desired data, such as inventory.

Our support team will be happy to assist you via video call and advise you on the optimal adaptation of Shiawa to your company.

No, all configuration and setup steps can be performed via the user interface.


No, Shiawa works on just about any device, stationary or mobile. The only requirements are a web browser and an internet connection.

The Shiawa Suite generally includes access to all modules. However, you can also deactivate individual tools that you don’t use so they’re no longer displayed in the sidebar. Alternatively, you can purchase separate module packages such as Flex Desk, Inventory or Ticketing at a discounted contract price.

Only if you wish so, or after several unsuccessful requests for payment on our part.

To change the language, you need to click on the small flag at the top right corner and select the desired setting.

The accounts of individual employees can only be deactivated.
The account is not permanently deleted and can be reactivated, but it will not be charged any more.

You can deactivate an employee’s account by logging into Shiawa as an admin and selecting the corresponding person under the menu item Administration > Employees. Then click on the pencil icon on the right side. This way you get into the edit mode. Under “General” you will find the Status tab. This must be set to “inactive”.

In this case, it helps to clear the cache memory of your browser. Depending on the browser you use, there are different ways to do this.

You can find the instructions for your browser on this website.

Here you can also read what this ominous browser cache is all about 🙂


Write a mail to cancellation@shiawa.com with your URL, we will deactivate the account for you.


Data protection and cyber security

Shiawa is hosted exclusively on German servers and therefore meets the highest security standards. You can read more about this in our privacy policy. Nevertheless, please always use a strong password for your access and never share it with others.

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