Inventory management

Inventory management

Know what’s there. And where.

Work smart, not hard. For all office managers and inventory managers who want to digitize their inventory processes, streamline them and cut costs by up to 30%.

Why inventory management?

Office equipment makes up large items in a company’s financial and budget planning. However, this does not automatically mean that it is always handled carefully – hybrid working in particular has led to confusing inventory situations in many organizations. SHIAWA professionalizes this process and brings transparency into companies’ inventory management.

Keep an overview

Whether laptops, screens, charging cables or cell phones. Whether desk chairs, beanballs or other office equipment – the list is endless. With our inventory management you can easily keep of which employees were equipped with what and when.

What do you mean, it "was already like that"?

Easy overview of office equipment product lifecycles. The reception and condition of individual inventory items can be confirmed by digital signatures from the receivers. In addition, any documents (warranties, user manuals, condition documentation) can be easily stored in the respective profile.

Equip employees
and colleagues

Efficient hardware onboarding for new staff by calculating available inventory to the day.

The main functions at a glance

Inventory caption

Inventory distribution

Item history with pictures

Electronic signature

Inventory tracking and planning

Custom item details

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