Intelligently mastering the office routine.

For office managers & administrators who want to coordinate their entire team, efficiently manage inventory and office space, and save up to 32% on costs with just one app.

Why All-in-one?

The full version of SHIAWA offers everything a mid-sized company needs for efficient office management. Book desks, manage inventories, keep track of tasks.
Intuitive, systematic and perfectly tailored to the individual needs of administrators and employees.

Flex Desk

Hybrid working has become the norm. SHIAWA Flexdesk provides straightforward and intelligent desk organization that promotes efficient collaboration, ensures flexibility and is proven to help cut office costs in half.

Inventory management

Office equipment makes up large items in a company’s financial and budget planning. With SHIAWA, inventory processes can be digitized and managed efficiently. This has been proven to save up to 30% in costs.

Ticketing management

With Ticketing Management, tasks can be delegated and managed digitally without getting up from your desk. Including documentation, automated ticket assignment and progress tracking.

and much more!

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