Ticket management

The digital Office Management Assistent

For office managers and executives who want to rely on modern task management, optimize their processes and thus increase the efficiency of each individual employee. With the most advanced tool on the market.

Excerpt of our customers

What is ticket management?

With ticket management, tasks can be delegated and managed digitally without leaving your desk. Including documentation, automated ticket assignment and progress tracking.

Distribute tasks
"like a boss"

With SHIAWA, the dripping faucet ends up with the janitor and the travel expense report with the accountant. All automatically and from one app.

Process tracking

SHIAWA helps to keep track of all current, future and past tasks and their processing status. Without inquiries and chasing.

Solo < Team

Tasks can be worked on gradually in teams and passed on from professional to professional. With personalized workflows including file upload and comment function.

The main functions at a glance

Mobile & desktop

Custom role

Customizable categories
and forms

task allocation

Comment function

Documentation and solved ticket history

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