Finding creative names for meeting rooms

Finding a suitable name for a meeting room can be tricky. Read here how you can easily find creative and inspirational names for your meeting rooms.

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Find the perfect name for your meeting rooms!

Companies care a lot about their brand identity and how they present themselves to customers. This should start in your own office. The conference rooms are where staff meets and discusses business plans. Conferences and general meetings are held here. No matter what kind of business you run: Meeting rooms are a place where creativity flourishes! Whether you are designing a new office or modernising an existing one, this article will show you how to find the right names for your conference rooms!

Why are creative names for meeting rooms important?

Giving your conference rooms fitting names can save a lot of time in everyday life. Creative labels are more memorable and reduce the average time spent searching for a room. You can also reflect parts of the company and ensure that employees enjoy entering these spaces. Simple titles like ‘Room 1’ and ‘Room 2’ bring neither variety nor inspiration. Be creative!

Finding a theme

Pick a theme that resonates with your company values or relates to the history of the organisation. This basic theme can be retained when naming the conference rooms to create some consistency. It helps to focus on what industry the company represents, what products or services are offered, or even what kind of ambience the office provides.

  • For example, if you are an airline, you could use city names for your conference rooms.

  • If the company represents different subsidiary brands, these sub-brands can also serve as a basis.

Think about the impressions you want to convey and write them down in bullet points.

  • If you’re part of a young company that places a lot of emphasis on innovative concepts, old politicians’ names might not be the greatest choice.

  • At a research institute like NASA, on the other hand, names of well-known physicists or astrologers are entirely appropriate.

For instance, remember prominent people who act in your thematic area or think of fictional characters that could serve as a basis.

Ask your staff

Integrate employees in the selection process! Taking them into confidence not only helps, but gives your staff the opportunity to be heard and have a voice in relevant decisions. Among other things, this improves the working atmosphere and promotes team spirit. For example, you could create an online poll or a mind map where your staff can add their options and ideas.

Choose names without reflecting the brand identity

Of course, conference rooms can also be named independently from the company’s brand ID. However, it is best to choose a thematically defined area in order to represent the interrelation of the spaces. Here are some ideas:

  • Planets

  • Sports teams

  • Names of famous people, such as scientists or even actors

  • Seas, mountains, cities or countries

  • Film characters, for example from Harry Potter or the Marvel series

Furthermore, you can choose names that reflect the function of the room. If the meeting room is in the content department for new products or in marketing, it could be named “Creativity Hall”. or “Ideaprinter”.

Avoid confusion

When choosing names, make sure that they don’t confuse your colleagues. It doesn’t help if the staff can’t remember the names, they are too similar or represent something wrong. Also, avoid using mottos or names that are considered “insiders” or would not be understood by people outside the organisation. The names should be short and concise. You know something is wrong when pronouncing the name takes longer than getting there.

Here’s a list of key points that you should pay attention to:

  • Short names

  • Simple pronunciation

  • Names that everyone understands and can relate to. No Insiders

  • Variety to avoid confusion


To find the perfect names for existing or new conference rooms, you should first decide whether those names should be thematically related to your business or not. In the former case, note some ideas that go along with your company’s values and ask your staff for further ideas. As a side effect, you increase morale and team spirit! Avoid names that are too long or complicated to pronounce, difficult to remember or cause confusion.

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