Gift ideas for colleagues and bosses

Everyone has experienced this situation: there is a birthday or anniversary coming up, and no one has an idea what to choose as a present. In this article, we'll give you a few suggestions!

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Whether for a birthday, farewell or company anniversary, the question of the appropriate present comes up regularly. The selection, which was fun in the beginning, becomes more and more difficult after a few years and even creative minds run out of ideas. It is usual to collect money within a small group, such as the team or department, and organise one “big” gift together. However, many of the gift ideas you find on the internet are very fancy or too expensive. So here are a few classics that always go down well, as well as creative but affordable alternatives:

The classics

  • Chocolate or marzipan
  • A fine wine
  • Flowers
  • A voucher from the favourite shop
  • An Amazon voucher
  • An interesting book
  • A gastronomy voucher, possibly from the favourite restaurant
  • Small beauty and wellness products
  • A desk fan
  • Decorative items for the home e.g. from Depot or Zara Home

Of course, the gifts vary depending on the occasion, the employee and the relationship within the team. The closer you are to a person, the more personal you can make the gift. The following ideas fit best when you know the recipient better:

  • Gifts that match their hobby. For example, fishing accessories for passionate fishermen.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones (so there is finally some peace and quiet in the office)
  • A massage gun (against tension)
  • An Audible- or Blinkist-subscription
  • A surprise party (like a get-together with colleagues in the office, where everyone prepares a little something to eat).
  • An Escape Room adventure
  • Jochen Schweizer/ my days vouchers
  • Concert tickets

Last minute gifts

Loving gifts can still be crafted in the last second. You can easily create a gift basket from the ideas above. A box, a basket or even a parcel wrapped in wrapping paper are great to put some goodies in. How about a gift basket with ingredients for an Italian dish? Add a pack of fancy pasta, a sauce, e.g. pesto, olives and other gourmet treats from the local delicatessen, as well as a red wine, and you’ve turned individual ingredients into a chic gift that everyone will love! Of course, this concept works just as well for other cuisines. A sushi set or a vegetarian or vegan basket also make a great gift. Add a nicely written card, signed by all the participants, to make the gift even more thoughtful.

No-go's when it comes to gifts

Gifts for colleagues should be approached with a different distance than those for friends or family. Unlike in the private sphere, relationships in the office are often more formal and reserved. Don’t make overly personal or intimate gifts. This could be unpleasant for the recipient. Of course, things are different if you are also friends in private or have a very relaxed relationship within the team.

As a general rule, remember that gifts are perceived as more personal the closer they are worn to the body. Giving perfume, cosmetics, lingerie or jewellery as gifts should be properly thought out so that no misunderstandings arise.

How expensive should gifts for colleagues be?

It’ s not always easy to determine the perfect price range for a gift. If the gift is too cheap, it could be interpreted as a lack of appreciation. Too expensive gifts, on the other hand, set the bar high, raise the expectation of other colleagues and increase the pressure to give something equally expensive in return. But a gift for little money doesn’t have to be less enjoyable! A lovely card, shared activities or a homemade cake are more heartfelt and bring more joy than some lovelessly selected designer products.

For a ‘regular’ birthday, 1-5 € per person or even a card is enough. For a big O, a jubilee or a special occasion, you are welcome to spend a little more. Of course, it also depends on the number of people involved. With 5-20 € per person, you are in a good range here.

Farewell presents

When saying goodbye to colleagues, a heartfelt memento is a nice way to remember the time spent together.

  • A framed picture
  • A personalised coffee mug
  • A joint meal
  • A photo book with greetings from all the colleagues

It' s the gesture that counts!

However, never forget that it is about the gesture and the effort, not so much about finding the “most worthy” gift. A thoughtfully selected and presented gift is a great joy for every colleague. You can also decorate the workplace in a festive way. A few balloons, some flowers and a champagne toast set the special day apart from the everyday routine.

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